The quirky and unique bronze sculptures of Anna Voloshko lift the heart and touch the soul.Ranging in style from steampunk to modern and grotesque to classic, all of Voloshko's works are united in their expressive sense of personality and animation.There is a delightful feeling of olde-timey-ness to Volochko's pieces, as if they capture the charm of bygone eras or stories frozen in time. In fact, one of Voloshko's main goals in her work is to eschew what she sees as the impersonal, utilitarian, and technologically overrun modern world in favor of subjects that she believes will offer energy, peace, and comfort to her viewers. Voloshko says that no matter what, her work reflects her experiences,emotions, and relationships, as well as her philosophical view of the world.She wants her art to help viewers discover a moment where they can reconnect with themselves and God. Born in the Ukraine,Voloshko was recognized as one of the Top Artist of 2015 by Art Business News and her sculptures have been exhibited, and can be found, in private collections all around the world.